#TBT: Radiohead, Against Demons Tour, Montreal Bell Centre, April 13, 1998

I suppose it’s fitting that today’s #TBT takes us back to Radiohead in 1998. During their set at this year’s Osheaga I couldn’t help but reminisce about their 1998 show at the Bell Centre, especially when old favourites like ‘Nude’ and ‘Let Down’ were played. This show has to be one of the best (if not the best) show I’ve ever attended. I was front row with my dearest friend at the height of our Radiohead mania. And we got to capture it all on film. Before our very eyes. I can’t forget to mention that Thom Yorke came over to read the sign my friend and I were holding up with our requested songs. He smiled and shook his head. Getting Jonny Greenwood’s setlist from his roadie at the end of an incredible evening certainly sweetened the deal!

Radiohead Montreal Bell Centre April 1998


Radiohead Montreal Bell Centre April 1998

Radiohead Montreal Bell Centre April 1998






This is Really Happening…Radiohead at Osheaga 11, Montreal, July 31, 2016

Is this really happening? That’s what popped into my mind as soon as I saw the first familiar figure walk on stage. It’s Ed! It feels like a lifetime since I’ve seen Radiohead perform, though my concert scrapbook tells me it’s only been 4 years. I guess a new home and a new baby can feel like a lifetime since I am now living a different life than I was then. You don’t need to hear me say Radiohead were as amazing as ever. They never disappoint. Though ‘Nude’ had me dreaming of the time we heard that song debut in 1998. Gosh, was it really 18 years ago? And all the familiar instruments and roadies…I’m so glad some things never change. I believe Radiohead’s setlist was curated to the festival crowd…but it certainly was a treat!

Radiohead Osheaga 2016 Montreal  Radiohead Osheaga Montreal 2016

Radiohead Osheaga Montreal 2016  Radiohead Osheaga Montreal 2016

Radiohead Osheaga Montreal 2016

Earlier, we saw Nothing But Thieves. They gave a great performance, including a fantastic cover of The Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind’.

Nothing But Thieves Osheaga 2016

Nothing But Thieves Osheaga 2016






#TBT: Blur, Montreal, Metropolis 1997!

Wow, 1997. Those were the days, my friend. No one was threatened by my precious, little Minolta SLR. That’s right SLR, not D-SLR – I scanned this photo! I was already well versed in concert photography, but always learning. I used to smuggle in the good film in my bra, in case the cheap one I had preloaded in my camera was confiscated at the door. These days I wasn’t afraid to shove my way to the front; everyone was shoving anyway. I just wanted a great shot. This one in particular, of Blur frontman Damon Albarn, brings fond memories: my eye was desperately trying to see something, anything, through the viewfinder, trying to find which corner of the stage Damon had bounced to. All the while being pushed in every direction by the crowd. I can’t even remember which song was playing. Suddenly, I felt wet. I abandoned the viewfinder to find Damon had been spraying the crowd with water! Well, thank goodness it was water! And I got him: leaning into the crowd…water droplets on my lens. No matter at all. It was amazing! Bassist Alex James smiled at me when I waved. The openers (The Dandy Warhols) came out to dance on the stage during Blur’s last song and it was all over too soon. I went to find my friend whom I had lost in the crowd earlier.


Blur Montreal Metropolis



Water Balloon Fight!

This summer, my boys are obsessed with water balloons! I can’t fill the balloons fast enough before they’re gone. Our yard is littered with a colourful confetti of broken balloon pieces. Usually, Mom and Dad join in on the fun but this time I decided to sit out and snap some photos. While my favourite lens is waiting to be shipped for repair, I decided my Lensbaby Composer would be perfect on this playful occasion.

july2016-1 july2016-3 july2016-4

Liam’s Foodie Fundraiser: Montreal Event Highlights

When my friend Laurie asked if I wanted to be a part of “Liam’s Foodie Fundraiser” I was so excited. The event arranged by her sister Jackie in honour of her son Liam, and to benefit the Liam Armstrong Pediatric-Oncology Fund at the Cedars Cancer Foundation. The evening included a live cooking demonstration with Montreal chef Chuck Hughes, assisted by five children from the Hematology-Oncology ward at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, as well as a silent auction and delicious food offered throughout the evening courtesy of Tuck Shop and Léché Desserts. I was so honoured to be asked to take part in such a wonderful event, to do my small part to help raise money and awareness, and to remember a cherished little boy and his love of food.








***UPDATE: Here’s a link to cedars.ca where you can read more about the fundraiser and see more photos: CEDARS

Cedars Cancer Foundation: Liam’s Foodie Fundraiser

Tomorrow evening, I will be photographing a fundraiser in support of the Montreal Cedars Cancer Foundation in honour of a very special boy. Stay tuned for photos from the event.


Quiet Time: South Shore Montreal

It’s not often you’ll hear these boys being quiet…but it does happen!





Florence and Osheaga Meet Again: Florence + the Machine, Montreal Osheaga 2015

In another life I think I’d like to be a concert photographer. Maybe in this life, too. I’ve been MIA for almost a year. But music always brings me back. The concerts always bring me back. I love to look back on these photos and remember the passion in that moment. The excitement in me and the exuberance coming from the stage. Captured in colours. Feelings in all their glory. X





Baby Max

This little gal recently became a Big Sis! Welcome adorable Baby Max. You are in good hands.

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My Sunshine

Well, there’s no doubt about it. When I see this smile, it lights up my life.


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